Products & Services

Decision Blue: By capturing organics removal with UV-254 or fluorescence we can provide proprietary analytics that will give you better understanding of how well you are treating your water. The Decision Blue platform consists of modules that are designed to alleviate regulatory stress through informed monitoring of water quality at all stages in treatment. Decision Blue modules assist with many of the most important issues that water treatment plants are faced with including management of harmful algal blooms, chlorine residual management, disinfection by product formation, or dissolved organics removal. Decision Blue helps plants become proactive in treatment rather than reactive by giving users insight into the water quality changes before regulations must be met.

Decision Blue A.I.: Our most advanced product, Decision Blue A.I.  truly is the future of the industry. Decision Blue A.I. is trained on historical treatment data specific to your plant and will give optimal chemical dosing solutions that can help operators arrive at intelligent dosing solutions. Decision Blue A.I. can help operators make decisions that focus on a desired treated water quality or chemical cost optimization. Because of the neural network structure behind every custom build, Decision Blue A.I. is a truly intelligent system that gets better understanding the treatment at the plant the more it is used.

Consulting Services: Our team of technical experts have advanced degrees in engineering and computer science and are available to give customer support when it is needed. If you have questions about topics ranging from the adsorptive properties of PAC to stored procedures for accessing data in the database call or email us for a consult.

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