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Maximize Use of Your Water Quality Data Today.

If you want to make use of your bench sheet data OR you want to use both SCADA data along with your bench sheet, we will develop custom solutions to support you in making exceptional drinking water. It’s easy to engage us.  Just follow a few steps and become a member of our exceptional water network!    

Step 1: Contact Fontus Blue

Step 2: Tell us if you want to start with (a) using manual entry of your data alone or (b) connect your SCADA data with manual entry capability.

Step 3: Tell us your biggest water quality compliance concern (e.g. harmful algal blooms , lead, disinfection byproducts, etc.). Our Modules are specifically designed to address your most critical water treatment needs. 

Step 4: Select additional tools to optimize operations and reduce costs at your plant.

Step 5: Engage with our team of water quality and technical experts when it counts.

Decision Blue® provides users with access to modules for monitoring and adjusting treatment for enhancing drinking water quality from source to tap.  Our modules are designed to address core water quality treatment concerns and compliance and include: Turbidity Monitor for turbidity removal, Disinfection Monitor for disinfection management, Cost Monitor to monitor your costs relevant to treatment, Lead-Copper Monitor for lead and copper management, Disinfection Byproduct (DBP) Monitor to manage disinfection byproducts, Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) Monitor to manage dissolved organic carbon removal, Hardness Removal Monitor for hardness removal, Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Monitor to manage harmful algal bloom treatments, Taste and Odor (T&O) Monitor for taste and odor management, and Iron and Manganese (Fe-Mn) Monitor for iron and manganese management.  We also have tools like the Virtual Jar ™ Test to further optimize treatment options and costs for your plant and the PAC Calculator™ to optimize your powdered activated carbon use.  



The DOC Monitor provides users with insight into dissolved organics removal throughout the treatment process.  Daily monitoring of dissolved organic removal is important when the goal is to produce exceptional water.  Users can view the organics removal (%), as well as raw and treated water levels.  The organic measurements are also used to manage disinfectant residuals and disinfection byproduct (DBP) formation.

The Disinfection Monitor helps users always manage their CT as well as maintain sufficient disinfectant residuals in the distribution system. This module provides an estimate of the daily disinfectant residual by comparing the daily disinfectant demand versus the daily disinfectant dose.  Why wait to measure a low residual in the distribution system when you can monitor and manage it before it becomes a problem?

The DBP Monitor provides a daily estimate of the maximum THM formation potential of the water exiting the plant to assist with DBP compliance.  Why wait to measure a high THM concentration in the distribution system when you can monitor and manage it before it becomes a problem?

The HAB Monitor gives plant personnel a simple way to convert monitoring data into an alert level framework used by all operators to manage HABs, and in the event of cyanotoxin detection, automate complex calculations for cyanotoxin treatment barrier removal estimates.   Water treatment plants have successfully used this monitor to successfully manage HAB events with conventional treatment processes (i.e. chlorine and powdered activate carbon addition) when the source water microcystin concentration exceeded 15 ug/l.

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The Virtual Jar™ Test is a water quality simulator customized for your treatment plant that can predict the impact of changing source water quality and chemical dosing on the treated water quality. The Virtual Jar™ Test was developed to overcome the operational concerns of the traditional jar test.  Specifically, the Virtual Jar™ Test is easy to use, can be conducted in less than 5 minutes versus 90 minutes or more for the traditional test, and simulates the “true” operational treatment plant processes.

Consulting Solutions

Our team of technical experts have advanced degrees in engineering and computer science to provide specialized consulting in the areas of data analytics and optimization.  For example, Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) treatment optimization is a core service we provide to many utilities in the U.S.  For additional information please email us at